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Spaoxy Gel Mask - Set of 3

Spaoxy Gel Mask - Set of 3

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Dr. MEDION, the pioneer of carbonic acid skin care, created this cutting-edge carbonated treatment mask to plump, tone, and firm all skin types. Originally only available in Japan, it’s now available to you at home.

The effervescent skin-energizing gel harnesses the power of carbonic acid, royal jelly extract, and Job’s Tears to fuel cell metabolism and immediately improve skin texture and clarity. Feel the cooling and effervescent effects as the mask gets to work. The gentle stimulation draws oxygen to the skin, increasing cellular turnover, and encouraging gentle exfoliation. Natural ingredients also help to minimize excess oil production and reduce the appearance of pores. The cooling gel refreshes skin for a more youthful appearance and has a natural, citrus scent for a spa-like experience.

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