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Spaoxy Gel Bright Plus Mask - Set of 6

Spaoxy Gel Bright Plus Mask - Set of 6

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Highly Potent, brightening Vitamin C (APPS), spa-grade, cooling effervescent mask made by mixing gel and powder leading to firm, plump, hydrated skin. 

Dr. MEDION, the pioneer of carbonic acid beauty skin care, created this carbonated mask that gives pleasant cooling and gentle stimulation from its effervescence to support plump glowing skin.
A spa-quality facial mask brings out the natural ability of the skin for a captivatingly taut and smooth appearance.
Formulated with ingredients that hydrate, plump, soothe, and help minimize oil production, plus helps brighten dark spots and dull skin for a refreshed afterglow. This new formula contains a highly stable active vitamin C, known as APPS, plus a special blend of Japanese citrus fruit oils: Yuzu, Bitter Orange, and Orange.

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