With a passion for a natural, fuller brow that is groomed into sophistication, Kristie Streicher and her trademark Nurtured Brow® have changed the way we see and experience brows. The Nurtured Brow® is an extension of her Feathered Brow® philosophy.  The Nurtured Brow® combines strategic tweezing within each individual growth cycle and the use of nurturing ingredients to create a lush brow that is natural, manageable, and exquisite. The focus is to embrace and enhance everyone's one-of-a-kind growth patterns and cycles, rather than forcing them to look a certain way. Tapered feathering and a delicate but proven strategic tweezing technique combine for a lush brow that is full, natural, and exquisite.

Kristie founded STRIIIKE® in 2014 with sisters Jenn and Ashley, whom are also widely recognized for their talents in the beauty industries.



Senior Nurtured Brow® Specialist

Tyler Smith is a Senior Nurtured Brow® Specialist who hails from Southern California, and whose swift hands and eye for precision has lead her to 7 amazing years on the STRIIIKE® floor. As Kristie Streicher’s very first specialist, she learned from the top about how to give someone their best brow and now has a fierce following of loyal clients. Tyler is a no-nonsense, dark horse but her love for her craft and clients keep her at the top of the game.



Senior Nurtured Brow® Specialist

Maggie Moon, obsessed with Frida Kahlo is a senior Nurtured Brow® specialist on our team. Her vibrancy and positivity is infectious and really comes through during your time with her. She really takes the time to educate clients on our Nurtured Brow® philosophy. Her approach is: the more natural, the better. Really working with what you've got and leaving the special characteristics that are unique to each individual brow. Strategically tweezing and organizing the hair for a super lux, feathery, natural, unfussy brow life. Maggie expresses herself though her clothing, hair, brows and accessories. A New York City/Bay area hybrid from a mixed household: Ella habla español. 



Senior Nurtured Brow® Specialist

Joanna Lemon was born in the Midwest but made Los Angeles her home after receiving her degree from Otis College of Art and Design with a focus in Fine Arts. Her unbridled enthusiasm and curiosity led her from art school, to gallery exhibitions of her fine art, to working with some of the most well-regarded fashion and beauty establishments in the world. 

A gentle sense of touch, attention to detail, extensive knowledge of color theory and facial structure, have made her an essential part of the team.  Her focus on the Nurtured Brow®, Microfeathering™ and Permanent Makeup procedures at STRIIIKE® have received accolades from a wide variety of clients.  Working tirelessly to address each individual’s needs and her thoughtful approach and warm demeanor have made her an intrinsic part of the STRIIIKE® family and Jo sees only great things ahead!



Senior Nurtured Brow® Specialist

Calvin is know for delivering brows that elevate and empower his clientele. Returning back to Los Angeles from San Fransisco where he spent 6 years perfecting his craft, Calvin meticulously hones in on instinct with a delicate yet precise (left) hand to create a memorable brow experience to bring the shape and form to the next level. We're living in a liberation of beauty and empowerment. Embracing our natural but enhanced brow results in intimately changing the way you see your brows and yourself.



Junior Nurtured Brow® Specialist

As a Southern California native, I often found myself longing for place that embraced and enhanced an individuals own beauty. I had always loved brows growing up, pinning photos of Brooke Shields and Andi McDowell as inspo along my walls. Naturally, I found myself in the beauty industry, working as an assistant colorist, for 5 + years. Though I deeply loved hair, I had never forgotten my ‘first love’ of brows. Being on a brow journey myself and consistently over tweezed, waxed and threaded, I set off on my search to find the perfect brow spot. A little time on Instagram was all it took to bring me to STRIIIKE® and begin my own brow journey. I was a client for two and half years before joining this incredible team. I understand the patience, the dedication, and the result of the Nurtured Brow®. STRIIIKE® brought together everything I had been searching for: A focus on amplifying the natural beauty in each client, a team with impeccable skill and kindness and the soft sofistication of the Nurtured Brow®



Pigment Removal Specialist

Born on a hundred acres of land outside of Akron, OH, Eric always dreamed of living in California. The opportunity arose when he was scouted at age 1 for his acting and dancing abilities. After many years of working alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Eric entered into the beauty industry. Recognizing people’s dissatisfaction with the tatoos they received, Eric chose not only to forgo them himself, but to help anyone who wished to have their’s removed. His nurturing demeanor and empathic sensibilities make him a perfect fit for the Pigment Removal here at STRIIIKE®.

Learn more about our Proprietary Pigment Removal service here!